My Own Media Ltd’s publications in Italy reach over 1.5 million readers each month. We have 8 newspapers with a monthly circulation of 210.000 copies and 525.000 monthly readers. We have 9 websites and 14 Facebook pages with over 310,000 likes.

Gazeta Românească – Gazeta Românească is the leading media for the Romanian nationals in Italy.​

Established in 2000, it enjoys unrivalled reputation and prestige amongst Romanians abroad. ​

Gazeta Romaneasca focuses on news about the Romanian community in Italy.​ Its articles are often reproduced by Romanian media and have affected politics back home, advocating for the rights of Romanians in the diaspora and bringing down corrupt officials.​

Until 2018 copies of the newspaper was sold at newsstands, but from 2019 it is being distributed for free every Friday throughout Italy, at Romanian Orthodox Churches, in prestigious community meeting places, in libraries and through subscription.​

The weekly newspaper has a circulation of 10,000 per issue and a readership of 105,000 per month.

It has a format of 260 x 350 mm (w*h) and is distributed in selected prestigious and symbolic locations for the Romanian community (Romanian Orthodox churches, embassies, consulates, cultural institutions) as well as within Romanian business networks.​

Gazeta Românească’s website:​ has ±500,000 sessions per month.​

Gazeta Românească’s Facebook Page has ±40,000​ likes.

The editor-in-chief, Mr. Sorin Cehan, was elected President of the Romanian journalists in the Diaspora by the Uniunea Jurnaliștilor Români de Pretutindeni (UJRP) in 2015 and again in 2017.​


Ziarul Românesc Italia – Ziarul Românesc is the first official free press weekly for the Romanian community in Italy.​

First published in 2004, Ziarul Românesc, is the free press weekly reference of the Romanian community in Italy.​

Ziarul Românesc Italia focuses on news from Romania and the Diaspora.​

The younger sister of Gazeta Românească, Ziarul Românesc focuses on news about Romanian community in Italy and in Europe as well as on news from Romania.​

The editor-in-chief, Mr. Sorin Cehan, was elected President of the Romanian journalists in the Diaspora by the Uniunea Jurnaliștilor Români de Pretutindeni (UJRP) in 2015 and again in 2017.​

The weekly newspaper has a circulation of 10,000 per issue and a readership of 105,000 per month.

It has a format of 270 x 380 mm (w*h)​ and is distributed in Romanian community locations throughout Italy, including parishes, train stations, money transfer shops, businesses​.


Nasz Świat – Nasz Świat is the community-building media that bridges the Polish diaspora in Italy with the Polish and Italian governments​

Nasz Świat is the only Polish-language newspaper published in Italy. Since 2004 it has been the point of reference publication for the Polish diaspora. It is a priority interlocutor and official partner of Italian and Polish institutions.​

Nasz Świat represents the interests of the Poles in Italy and promotes the good name of Poland abroad. The editors have won various awards for their excellent work, including the Polak Roku we Włoszech 2018 Award (Polish in Italy of the Year 2018).​

The editors have won various awards for their excellent work, including the Polak Rokuwe Włoszech 2018 Award (Polish in Italy of the Year 2018).

The monthly newspaper has a format of 270 x 380 mm (w*h) and is distributed at +150 selected locations in areas with high Polish population.

Nasz Świat’s website– has 64.190 monthly users and 104.223 sessions. Nasz Świat’s Facebook page has +12.800 likes.

***  – The website reaches a broad portion of the Ukrainian community in Italy since its launch. The site was completely renovated in November 2018, enabling it to further extend its reach to an even more numerous audience of Ukrainians in Europe and back home.​ The website has 215,584 sessions and 160,546 users per month.


Ako ay Pilipino  Ako ay Pilipino is the social, legal and cultural point of reference for Filipinos in Italy, awarded in the Philippines as the best Pinoy media in the diaspora.​

Publishing immigration policy news and guides and reporting on community issues in Tagalog since 2003, Ako ay Pilipino has become the social, legal and cultural point of reference supporting Filipino migrants in their quest for a better life in the diaspora in Italy and Europe.

Ako ay Pilipino has been awarded by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) the Print Journalism Award – Best Newspaper on Migration and the Interactive Media Award – Best Website on Migration during the 2017 MAM Awards. Ms. Pia Gonzalez Abucay, editor of both the newspaper and website received the awards.​

The monthly newspaper has a format of 270 x 380 mm (w*h) and is distributed at Filipino meeting points throughout Italy, especially Rome and Milan, including embassy and consulates, churches, train stations, money transfer shops, community businesses​.

Ako ay Pilipino’s Website:​ has ±450,000 sessions per month.

Ako ay Pilipino’s Facebook: ±40,000 likes

Pia Gonzalez Abucay, editor of the newspaper, is Italy’s active President and Country Representative of the European Network of Filipino Diaspora​


Expreso Latino – Since 2003 Expreso Latino is the point of reference publication for Latin American community in Italy, and the main source of all-round news about the community.​

It is the only newspaper distributed in all Latin American embassies and consulates and is a privileged source of Italian political news for various Latin American newspapers.​

The newspaper is the main point of reference for Latino community organisations thanks to legal guides on migration issues. It is also an important source of news from the provincial police stations and prefectures.​

Expreso Latino’s correspondents actively take part in community events in Rome, Milan, Genoa and Turin. ​

The newspaper in particular, gives voice to the second generation immigrants – providing them a platform to express themselves and dreams on issues ranging from politics, activism to music.​

Expreso Latino covers every event and concert of the famous Latin American musicians in Europe: it is a media partner of the most popular Latino shows, festivals, events and concerts in Europe.​

The monthly newspaper has a format of 270 x 380 mm (w*h) and is distributed throughout Italy at Latin American Embassies and Consulates, money transfer shops, Latino shops, travel agencies, tax and legal assistance centres “CAF” and community organisations. Focus on Roma, Milano, and Genova.​


Punjab Express – Since 2004 Punjab Express is the only Punjabi language newspaper published in Italy and distributed for free to the Indian community. ​

It is the main point of reference publication for the Indian Punjabi community, featuring immigration news and guides, Indian community affairs and the activities and achievements of the second generation Indians. ​

A couple of pages featuring official information from the Indian government concerning the Indian diaspora are published in Hindi, India’s official language. Punjab Express does extensive coverage of activities of Indian welfare organisations, sports clubs, religious organisations, musical concerts, etc.​

The monthly newspaper has a format of 270 x 380 mm (w*h) and is distributed throughout Italy at major Guduwaras (Sikh Temples) and community events, at Embassy, Consulates, money transfer shops, Asian shops and supermarkets, travel agencies, Fiscal and legal assistance centres “CAF” and associations.​

Mr. Harbinder Singh, editor-in-chief has been awarded by the Indian government for his service to the community and for building the bridge between diaspora and government. In 2010 he was awarded 1st Indian Ambassador for Peace by Dr Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of UN through the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) – Italy. ​

Punjab Express’ website www.​ has ±80,000 sessions per month.

Punjab Express’ Facebook Page has ±40,000 likes​


Africa Nouvelles – Africa Nouvelles is the only publication for French-speaking Africans in Italy – celebrating 16 years of community service​

Africa Nouvelles is the voice of Africans in Italy since 2002. Its main focus is on communities from Senegal, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. Its monthly print and daily online news deals with the special problems Africans in Italy face on a daily basis in terms of racism, exclusion and exploitation. Its guides are a reference point for community activists and organisers and are the key to understanding Italy’s complex politics and legislation. ​

Africa Nouvelles is close to community and covers events through a network of correspondents.​

The monthly newspaper has a format of 270 x 380 mm (w*h) and is distributed throughout Italy at African Embassies and Consulates, money transfer shops, African shops, travel agencies, Fiscal and legal assistance centres “CAF” and associations.​

Africa Nouvelles website​ has ±20,000 sessions per month.

Africa Nouvelles Facebook Page has ±10,000 likes​ Milton Kwami, Africa Nouvelles chief-editor, is a highly respected African community leader and elder.

*** – was founded in 2001 by lawyer and migrant rights activist Gianluca Luciano and swiftly became the main Italian portal on immigration, the point of reference for the over 5 million migrants in Italy and for all Italians interested in migration policy and news.​

The website features:

  • In-depth analysis of the most important issues concerning migrants in Italy;​
  • Legal guides on how to obtain visas, residence permits, family reunification…​
  • Updates on legislative changes, procedures, visas, social security;​
  • Campaign against racism – (SOS RACISM);​
  • Archive of the most important laws and circulars regarding immigration;​
  • List foreign embassies and consulates in Italy and Italians abroad;​
  • Magazine section: ethnic cuisine, travel, news from the communities and new Italians

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